Travel Sized Isle Of Lewis Celtic Chess Set 9 Inches

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This awesome little chess set capabilities miniature variations of the mythical Isle of Lewis chessmen and a stoneware board and case. The Isle of Lewis chessmen need little introduction as one of the most iconic and famous sets of chess pieces. Discovered on the Isle of Lewis in 1831 after a sandbank collapsed and found out a chest that contained the chess portions, they're stated up to now back to the twelfth century and in all likelihood to had been crafted in Norway. Indeed some people argue that the portions must by no means were named after the Isle of Lewis as this was no longer wherein they had been made. Arguments approximately the original pieces keep to rage, generally about in which inside the world they have to be exhibited.
The National Museum has recommended this cute little version of the legendary set. Unlike the originals there's no disputing its origin; this set is made in England to a very high fashionable and represents true cost for money. A heavy chess set that’s fashionable and a undying classic. Each of the pieces is a real work of artwork and a completely correct representation of the original.