The French Wenge Chess Set

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  • Expertly handcrafted.
  • Regally ornate.
  • 3.25 inch (83 mm) king.
  • Presented with a 15.75 inch (40 cm) Spanish wenge board.
  • Complete with a beautiful felt-lined case.
The delicate French Regency chessmen have been matched with a Spanish wenge board to create this nostalgic ornate chess set. Accompanying these two high-quality components is a felt lined chess box that serves to protect the pieces and complement the board.

As a complete product the French Regency Wenge Chess Set is a diminutive, ornamental investment that is sure to last for years. The design, of course, has endured for more than 200 years, based as it is on the regal chessmen used in the royal courts of 19th century France. At the time the finest chess players in Europe would be summoned to play exhibition matches in front of the upper classes. Chess was the lauded game of intelligence and tactics, championed by kings, princes and dukes who were keen to be associated with the game’s brilliant masters.

Such celebration undoubtedly helped to spread the game across the continent, and played a part in ensuring that chess is one of the most popular games in the world today. In honour of those courtiers and their players we commissioned the French Regency Chessmen.

Each ornament has been hand turned and then ebonized in a soaking process that absorbs the black deep into the wood. This ensures the they hold their colour and elegant characteristics consistent with the era that inspired their design.