Painted Italian 19 Inch Chess Board

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Beautifully crafted in Italy.
High high-quality oak.
Opulently decorated border.
19 inch luxury board.
1.75 inch gambling squares.
Ideal for a king height of 3.75 inches.
There is a carpentry crew in Florence, Italy, that makes those Artisan Chess Boards for the Regency Chess Company.
Solid, Florentine Oak
They paintings for a company called Italfama, regarded for an adherence to the stoic values of excellent craftsmanship.
The method begins with a selection manner for which cuts of Oak to use, with the unwanted logs then despatched further south into Tuscany, for use for chianti barrels.
In Florence the oak is then dealt with and the detail carefully added, creating a beautiful playing surface for chess gamers and art lovers alike. This Italian chessboard is, after all, an decorative piece as a great deal as a board game. When put with the San Severeo Chess Pieces it becomes considered one of the additives of the splendid luxury The San Severeo Chess Set. This board will honestly accommodate Kings of as much as 3.75 inches tall and is a extraordinary match with other metallic or timber chess pieces.
Decadent Engravings on a Robust Oak Frame

One of the reasons it's so adaptable is due to the darkish blue shade of the playing squares, which compliment the engraved border that flanks all sides. This opulently adorned border supports the whole board on 4 legs that come fortified with defensive pads.
Unlike among the products to be had in today’s market, this Artisan Chess Set, like all of the Regency Chess Products, is constructed to last. Its blend of decadent engravings upon a robust oak frame is why this board is quickly becoming considered one of Regency Chess’s most famous luxurious chessboards.