Dark Grey Erable and Elm 16.75 Inch Wood Luxury Chess Board

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Beautifully crafted in Italy.
Exceptional quality.
High gloss lacquer finish.
16.seventy five inch luxury board.
1.6 inch playing squares.
Ideal for a king top of 3 inches.

Designed and hand inlaid in Italy, this dark gray burl chess board is a work of art. Finished in a completely high gloss lacquer, the wooden grain and knotting of the burl has an brilliant depth. The inlaid veneer squares are bordered with a skinny veneer of ebony that sections of the playing vicinity from the edge. The underside of the board capabilities a lacquered wooden veneer and has felting pads to shield surfaces underneath. This deep monochrome shade of this board looks very modern and would first-rate healthy either brass, Ebony or Red Sandalwood pieces with a king height of approximately 3 inches. Italian design excellence.