Compact Travel Size Isle Of Lewis Celtic Chess Set 9 Inches in Ivory

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This stunning transportable chess set features miniature versions of the iconic Isle of Lewis chessmen, paired with a stoneware board with a garage case included. The Isle of Lewis chessmen need little introduction - they are the various most well-known and right away recognisable units of chess portions in history.

The unique portions were found on the Isle of Lewis back in 1831 after a sandbank collapsed. A chest was revealed that contained these stunning chess pieces. They are believed thus far again to the twelfth century and are probable to had been made in Norway. Some historians argue that the pieces should in no way have been named after the Isle of Lewis, as this isn't always where their origins lie. The unique pieces may be seen among the British Museum in London and the National Museum Of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The National Museum has officially licensed this beautiful little compact version of the mythical set. Unlike the originals there is no disputing its origin; this set is made in England to a completely high standard and represents true value for money. The portions and board are sculpted from resin and characteristic a remarkable stage of detail.

The board is adorned with celtic designs in comfort and the id coes away to show a storage compartment for the pieces. A robust chess set that’s as elegant as it's far practical. Each of the portions is a true paintings of art and a totally accurate tiny illustration of the original.