Compact Round Pegged Sheesham 5 Inch Travel Chess Set

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This little chess set is right for the ones on the flow who can't bear to be too some distance away from a recreation of chess. Each of the tiny chess men is pegged so that they are solid at the board. Each of the squares is a separate slice of hardwood, the outer case is Golden Rosewood (sheesham) and has been left herbal with a aromatic beeswax polish in preference to lacquer.

The complete set folds well away into the round box, there's a hole on every side of the board so that the taken chess men may be dropped again into the field and not get lost. Ideal for those long train trips on cutting-edge British railways, assuming you can discover a seat of course.

A lightweight, compact and very portable chess set that represents awesome nice for the price. Order now and get yours before that train arrives.