Blue Erable and Elm 16.5 Inch Wood Luxury Chess Board

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Beautifully crafted in Italy.
Outstanding high-quality Erable Burl.
16.5 inch board.
1.6 inch playing squares.
Ideal for a king top of 3 inches.

Outstanding quality Italian made Erable Burl board in blue. Finished in a very contemporary high gloss lacquer, the timber grain and knotting of the burl seems very special and has a rich intensity of tone and timber patterning.

The inlaid veneer squares are bordered with a thin veneer of Ebony that sections of the gambling location from the edge. The underside of the board functions a lacquered wood veneer and has felting pads to shield surfaces underneath.

The wealthy blue colouring and tone of this board is excellent perfect to black pieces, both metal, ebonised Boxwood or stable Ebony with a king top of 3 inches.