Chess Sets

The main reason that Chess Sets are so popular is that the game is so difficult to master. Most people who play Chess understand the rules of the game and that makes it less intimidating. Since so many people are interested in this game, there are many tournaments for both new and seasoned players to participate in. There are even some chess sets with books that have been written that teach the beginner the basics of Chess as well as the advanced strategies of Chess.

So Just How Popular is Chess? 

Not everyone will be able to master the game of Chess and may not be happy with it. It can make them feel inferior and that is not a good feeling to feel. Yet, if you understand the reasons why Chess is so popular, you will be happier with it than if you did not.

First, Chess is an intellectual game. People who are good at Chess can understand the game in its entirety without needing a computer. Even if you are an extremely poor player, you still get to practice your skills and improve your game. While you are not playing against a computer, it is still very possible to lose, but at least you have something to think about.

Next, it is a very physical game. Unlike other games where you can sit down and just throw the dice, it is important to learn how to use your arms and legs to keep from falling over when trying to control the pieces. Even though you might think that physical games are boring, it is actually not true. Physical games can get you moving and that will help you get better at the game.

Chess also teaches you how to deal with stress. If you have a lot of stress in your life, then it will show up in your Chess game. In order to be a great Chess player, you need to know how to handle stress. Many times, itis the slightest thought or concern that can get you in trouble.

Finally, it is a game that can be practised in many different environments. When you are playing in your house alone, then you do not have to worry about the match going into overtime or even going to time. If you are having friends over, then you do not have to worry about finding the board or something else to use when you get ready to play the next time. Many times you can practice your skills in your home before playing in a tournament.

Chess has been around for a long time, but it is becoming more popular because of the Internet. Now, it is easier than ever before to watch a game, to analyze the game, and to even learn to play the game. Many people play Chess, and it is not a rare sport at all.

The reasons for why Chess is so popular are many. Yet, if you take a look at all of the reasons why Chess is so popular, it is not just about how the game is made or played. It is about understanding the game itself and being able to use the knowledge to help you. You should take the time to learn the rules of the game before participating in any type of competition.


Wooden Chess Sets - Durability and Style!

A good wooden chess set has a quality to it that a second-rate one can't deliver. Many a person can not fully appreciate a game of chess without one. It's also an incredibly complicated and complex game, with so many options and tactics at your disposal. Playing a game of chess is more than just a game, it's a science!

While a steel board is well-made and durable, wood is different. The feel of a wooden chess board, the smell of the wood, the weight of the wooden pieces - all of these things are wonderful to behold.

A key feature to look for in wood chess pieces is the grain or texture of the wood. While some types of wood like oak and mahogany have similar grain, they have slight variations from each other.

You want a piece of wood that has a uniform look. Remember the classic movie in which Kirk Douglas walks around his home with a beautiful, smooth-finished piece of mahogany. This was a hand-carved piece that took three people to finish. A piece that's hand carved isn't something you want to be looking at every time you want to play a game of chess.

The game of chess requires a very specific look. It should have sharp angles and clean lines. Without this, there will be no challenge to the game. Check the grain of the wood as well to ensure it is uniform in a very artistic way.

Chess pieces also have three-dimensional edges on them. You want them to be thin and very smooth so that they are very comfortable to hold. Imagine someone hand carving fine wood furniture for you to play with - this is what the wood of a chessboard is like.

As previously mentioned, hand carved wood is something you should keep in mind. For the best results, have it carved by a professional woodcarver who knows what he's doing.

While I would never discount the looks of a piece of furniture, there is nothing wrong with hand-carved wood. You will find that pieces of wood that were not hand carved often have some of the same characteristics. Plus, it looks great. A few pieces of wood to take into consideration when buying a piece of furniture that is hand carved? The quality of the wood is important. And then there's the issue of how it looks.

Also, check the craftsmanship involved in hand carving the wood chess pieces. Do they have unique, one-of-a-kind designs? What about the knots and joints, do they take time to create them?

Not every piece of wonderful wood furniture is made the same way. Don't get caught up in the "look" factor. Check the quality of the craftsmanship first. No matter what design you choose, a wooden chess set can be a great addition to your home. They provide a timeless, classic look and style. So get started today!


Antique Staunton Chess Sets

If you are looking for an alternative to the 21st century, you can choose to look at an antique Staunton chess set and enjoy the elegance and grandeur of the Victorian Era. The style of the 1849 and 1851 chess sets are perfect for showcasing your chessboard collection. Your collection will be a great addition to any home, office, or club.

For many years it has been practised by kings and queens of all countries. This has given rise to two different styles of chess sets. They are known as the English style and the European style. These styles are still used today and are designed according to the different countries where they were designed. Antiques, which have been designed for use by royalty often cost thousands of dollars. You might be able to find one of these Chess Sets at an auction or other business that specializes in buying and selling antiques. If you buy one of these Sets, you will have a piece that is no longer in use. However, if you don't mind going through a lot of the work yourself, you could take a look at one of these antique chess sets yourself.

When you go to a pawn shop, a store that deals with antiques, you can get a look at one of these sets and get an idea of what they look like. If you are thinking of looking for one yourself, you might want to consider a pawn shop. They may also have access to antiques which are not available elsewhere.

Some antique stores will show you pieces which are known to be authentic but might not be as sturdy as the newer Antique chess sets. These pieces are a little more expensive than others. So, if you do buy one, it would be wise to make sure that you are ready to spend a bit more money on repairs when something breaks. This is the only way to ensure that you won't regret your purchase later on.

Another place that you could go to get an Antique Staunton chess set is through a store that is devoted to selling antiques. You can usually find antiques which are made of wood which can be seen when you stand back from the piece. You can also get a good idea of how it looked in its original setting. These are always a good choice if you are looking for something antique and yet elegant.

If you have trouble shopping around for antiques, then you might want to buy an Antique Staunton chess set from a company which specializes in this style of a chess set. There are many companies who are dedicated to their customers and offer great deals for the people who have to keep their chess sets in a certain condition. The antique pieces are durable and will not need too much work to make them run well and continue to be valuable for years to come. Antiques can be very expensive so you need to take care of when buying one. Many places offer discounts for shopping with them. One advantage of shopping with an Antique store is that they usually have detailed pictures of the antique pieces and are willing to discuss which pieces are worth keeping and which ones are better off being disposed of. Your chess set will be worth more when you spend a little time looking after it


Luxury Chess Sets - Hand Carved Wood Chess Sets

A huge part of the appeal of playing chess is the fact that the pieces on the board are all unique and there are many different types of pieces that make up the game. One of the most expensive chess sets to purchase is a luxury one made of exquisite wood. Of course, when you think of wood you immediately think of class and luxury, which is precisely what you get with a hand carved piece of wood. There are many kinds of wood that can be used to make a chess set but if you want it to be truly elegant then you will need to purchase a hand carved piece of wood.

Luxury Chess Sets


These pieces of wood were carved by hand and use a special method to make sure that the individual pieces of wood to make the most beautiful pieces of wood that you have ever seen. These pieces of wood are so beautiful because they are carved by hand rather than being treated like a machine cut wood. There are many advantages to buying a luxury piece of wood chess set over the average chess set. A hand carved piece of wood chess set is able to take on a whole new look and feel when it is installed in your home. This is something that cannot be duplicated by just about any other type of chess set that you can buy.


The wooden pieces are large in size and are made of different woods such as cherry, oak, mahogany, and more. Some pieces can even be made from the exotic wood of ebony. These pieces of wood are known for their beauty and natural elegance. In addition to the beautiful quality of the pieces that are available, there are also many pieces available that have been hand carved. These pieces of wood are made to exacting standards and include names that have been carved into them.


Themed Chess Sets 

There are many different types of Themed Chess Sets for both the beginner and advanced player. Each type of set is a fun and interesting challenge and each time a new set is released it will take many years before you can go through all of them!

Themed Chess Sets


You can purchase the sets that are painted on (wood elements) or painted on top of resin or wood elements. Some examples are the Fairyland, Island of Lewis Chess Set, Hand Painted Nature Studio Chess Sets, and Stonehenge resin chess set.


If you choose a hand-painted chess set then it will be a good idea to purchase a non-glossy paper for the board. This helps in the long run and prevents the picture painted from crumbly. Some people prefer Glossy board paper for the large chess pieces but I prefer to stick with the more durable board paper and just prime the board.

For the Fairyland, the Isle of Lewis, and Stonehenge resin set I like to use white paper and paint all the elements using a sanding pad and white paint. This allows me to paint over the elements every time I want to add another layer. So the paint doesn't run and the piece can be applied directly onto the board. This prevents watermarks.

The Fairyland and Nature Studio chess sets are my favourites because they are really beautiful, light, and bright. If you want to add in a little bit of something extra then paint a few or even just one larger hand-painted element such as a statue. When you are painting the boards, you should make sure that you allow for several different colours of paint to dry. As you can see from the image below; the painting of the board needs to be done with two coats of primer.

Chess is a very popular game and no matter what board you are looking for there is likely to be a popular game of chess set that is perfect for your home or office. From the classic wood elements to the resin ones to the hand-painted nature studio chess sets, there is a huge selection of sets to choose from. I would suggest that you get a good idea of what kind of theme you want before purchasing a board so that you don't end up buying a chess set that you already have it painted in your room. Chess is a great game that is enjoyed by all ages and you can teach someone how to play chess if you have their parents as well.


Travel Chess Sets - Fold Up Storage

Travel Chess Sets

At one time, there was only one style of a chess set that was available: wooden Chess sets, also known as Wooden chess sets or Portable chess sets. Today, players can choose from a wide range of different styles of portable Chess sets. Today's players are looking for the best option available to them since portable Chess sets are now both very convenient and very portable.


Today's portable Chess sets are equipped with convenient, foldable bases that provide a flat surface on which to play the game. Because these sets are not portable in the traditional sense, there is no need to deal with the limited space that it takes up when transporting it on the go. Portable Chess sets also come in many different styles that cater to a variety of players. The popularity of portable Chess sets has led to the creation of new, more lightweight styles of Chess sets. Today's portable Chess sets come in both plastic and magnetic models. Many portable Chess sets are now available in styles that include Chess boards and playing pieces.

When it comes to travelling with your Chess set, Magnetic sets will have the greatest amount of convenience. Because these sets fold up into a compact package that can be easily carried with you in a small purse or briefcase, you can carry your Chess set anywhere you go. These Chess sets are not only easy to transport, but they will also fit well into your pocket, purse, or handbag. In addition, most Magnetic sets are made from durable materials that are designed to last a long time.

Portable Chess sets may include either magnetic or plastic pieces. Depending on which type of Chess set you to choose, you may choose between a wooden or plastic Chessboard. Many plastic Chess sets are available in either the popular black or white woodgrain look, while wooden Chess sets may include various textures and designs that are perfect for children or adults alike.

The strength of any portable Chess set is also up to the preference of the player. Many of today's portable Chess sets are equipped with strong magnets that can easily withstand the stress that is put on them while on the go. Even though these sets can be used outside, they will also keep the chess pieces securely in place, even when used in the summertime, when playing outside becomes impractical.

In addition to being lightweight and portable, many types of portable Chess sets are available in the latest and most popular colours. This means that you will have more options than ever before when you are looking for Chess sets that match your current decor. Colours such as red, purple, yellow, blue, and green are currently available.

There are several things to consider when choosing the best option for your needs when looking for portable Chess sets. You should first consider the size of the bag you will use for carrying the Chess set, then consider how easy it will be to store when travelling. Lastly, you should determine whether you want a magnetic or plastic Chess set and determine the strength of your Chess set.